Anglo & Part Bred Yearling    
1st Zofia  
  Black Magic/Iros Lady  
  Helen Cummin  
Second Doylan Love Story  
  Blewins Humdinger/Demi Tasse  
  Paula Rudd  
Anglo & Part Bred 2 & 3 Year olds Stanley Grange Regal Heir  
1st Willow Regal Broze/Colbech Shadowplay  
  T Case  
2nd Dannys Broken Promise  
  Romantic Ranger/Poyle Ruby  
  Mrs H Francis  
3rd Sameon Sandlewood  
  Roe Aseel/Sameon Sun Satin  
  Sarah Slater  
Anglo & Part Bred Mares 4 and Over    
1st Gaillimh Dunkerrin  
  Ashtaris/Carlithos Amadaus  
  Ellen Shaw  
Anglo & Part Bred Geldings 4 and over Morafic Diamond  
1st Ibn Morafic the second/Forest Jenny  
  Laura Binsted  
Anglo and Part Bred Stallions    
1st Mettlewood Encore  
  A Sound of Thunder/Southwark Astral Storm  
  Mrs N Hutton-McKenzie/Mrs N Hutton-McKenzie  
Champion A Anglo & Part Bred in Hand Mettlewood Encore Zofia
Crabbet 4 to 6 Stallion    
1st Valletta Hunters Song  
  Silvern Surprise/Silvern Sheena  
  Miss Rees  
2nd Silver Breeze  
  Gleam of Flame/Dashit Malieh  
  /Rose Allen  
Pure Bred yearling Colt    
1st CPS Amber Desert  
  Shael Dream Desert/PS Ambellina  
  Chrissie Perez-Silva  
Pure Bred Yearling Filly    
1st JT Miztique  
  DMG Nazik/Mifologia  
Mr Chan & Jo Cooper  
Pure Bred 2 & 3 Colts    
1st Suhail Almuawd  
  Designed/CC Vienna  
  Jo Cooper  
Pure Bred 2 & 3 fillies    
1st Zazumbaa KD  
  Mahaala/LA Zsummer  
  Miss Jess Austin  
Pure Bred Youngstock Champion CPS Amber Desert Zazumbaa KD
  Shael Dream Desert/PS Ambellina Mahaala/LA Zsummer
  Chrissie Perez-Silva/Chrissie Perez-Silva K DeweyMiss Jess Austin
Pure Bred Yearling Geldings Nothing Forward  
Pure Bred 2 & 3 Year old Geldings    
1st Rafeekah  
  /Mrs N Hutton McKenzie  
2nd WW Indigo  
  Ajman Moniscione/WW Indih  
  Evie Parker  
3rd AV Habanero  
  MCA Magnum Gold/Olm Belusenadream  
  Heidi Creasey  
Pure Bred Gelding 4 and Over Rasputin PA  
1st Sysches Spirit/Raffalynn SRA  
  Mrs Z Brailsford  
2nd Devine Majik  
  Taxas Magic/La Dolce Diva  
  Mrs K Pody  
3rd Forever Monther Benjani  
  Monther Al Nasser/Love By Design  
  Sarah Nundy  
Pure Bred Gelding Champion Rafeekah Rasputin PA
Pure Bred Mares 4 and over    
1st Fab Vanity Fair  
  AH Kuda/Simeon Safira  
  Chole Glover  
2nd MG Vienna  
  Ffatal Attraction/Vataga  
  Miss Grant-Chivers  
3rd Aaleyah  
  Julia Bosman  
Pure Bred Stallions 5 and over    
1st Roe Mareikh  
  Ajman Monisicone/Marani  
  Mr Aggad  
2nd Epyck  
  Marwan Al Mgnifficoo/TLA Miss Charisma  
  M Innes  
Pure Bred Senior Championship Roe Mareikh Fab Vanity Fair
Pure Bred Inhand Champion Roe Mareikh CPS Amber Desert
Pre Novice open to Pure, AA/PA    
1st Akbar Khan  
  Narismma/MA Bint Azadik  
  Miss T Case  
2nd Littletons Al Batal  
  H Tobago/Bey Sapphio  
  Mrs SL Zebedee  
3rd Harwents Bond Girl  
  Dolphin Super Star/Holtess Littleweet Melody  
  M McIntosh/C Bond  
Cherif Anglo and PB 148cms and Under    
1st Fielden Minks Legacy  
  Ninfield Minks Legend/Fielden Field Mouse  
  Mrs Carmichael  
2nd Moluccas Juniper Jewel  
  Stanley Grange Cocksure/Coveham Illustration  
Cherif Anglo  over 148cms    
1st Authentic  
  The Alchemist/Floure De Luce  
  J Burton  
2nd Absent without Leave  
  Infantry/Naomi Nurha  
  Miss E Duggan  
3rd Montgomery Perry  
  Willowcroft Regal Bronze/Lemmington Carmen II  
  Kelly Shiers  
Anglo and PB Gelding 4 and over    
1st Shahjih  
  Ms Pimlott  
2nd SAS I Feel Frisky  
  KF I Feel Rowdy/Madekaya  
  Sue Bourne  
3rd River Sides Total Eclipse  
  Saneon Amber Eclipse/Lilly GSD  
  Samantha Lamb  
Championship Anglo and PB Ridden Authentic Fielden Minks Legacy
Pure Pred Novice Stallion    
1st Judal Oasis  
  Qamar El Din/TFA Mira  
  Sian Jones  
2nd Aleeyah Matisse  
  Trussardi/FVF Eli Afire  
  Elaine Clare  
Pure Bred Novice Mares    
1st Eastworth Anabellini  
  Piatza/G Amalfi  
  Stephanie Zebedee  
2nd In The Sky  
  Jehol De Cardonne/Spiiritulsit  
  Dr Reeves  
Pure Bred Novice Geldings    
1st Sayyad  
  OS Orion/Amira Kastananh  
  K Johnson  
2nd Russian Design  
  Master Design/Yasmena  
  Mrs K Eggleston  
2nd Lego  
  H Tobago/Shangrilla  
  Mr P Wainwright  
Pure Bred Ridden Championship Sayyad Judal Oasis
Midland Young Riders    
1st Sambuki  
  AV Shakabuki/Shemona  
  Gill Bryan  
HOYS Ridden Gelding    
1sty Mirv  
  Psadisho Ibn Esstashan/Mirvana II  
  Hon Mrs Wragg  
2nd LVA Estopas Winter Storm  
  Espano Estopa/Winter Lilly  
  Sue Rose  
3rd Cbeebies  
  Monther A Nasser/FS Cinderella  
  C Lowe  
HOYS  Ridden Stallion    
1st Calimeer  
  K Dewey  
  Psy Dream  
  Psytadel/LA Diva  
  Mr and Mrs Smith  
  Perfect Design LA  
  Master Design/Zou Zou Zaphellia  
  Mrs and Miss Eggleston  
HOYS Ridden Mare    
1st Ianthe  
  Shaka/Lady Jane Grey  
  Mr M Harris/Mrs L Bennett  
2nd Eastworth Ahmoshini  
  Mr and Mrs Coombes  
3rd Muranas Nani  
  Linda Hughes  
HOY  Championship Qualifier Ianthe Mirv ( Qualifier)

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